Elderly Houstonians worried about stocking for storm during pandemic

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Friday, August 21, 2020
What resources for the storm are available to elderly Houstonians?
What resources for the storm are available to elderly Houstonians?

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Elderly Houstonians are on high alert during the pandemic, which has limited their abilities to get out and about.

Now, they'll have to prepare for a possible storm and some are already feeling stressed.

"As soon as there's an announcement of rain, there's an inner fear. I'm just scared."

Dorothy Wanza, 79, has lived in Kashmere Gardens for 56 years. She said she's seen her fair share of storms, but this hurricane season is different.

"For a senior person, or for COVID-19 or with underlying health issues, it's like 'What are they going to do?' What are we going to do?" Wanza asked.

Kashmere Gardens Super Neighborhood Council President Keith Downey said he deals with the sick and shut-in every day and is worried about next week.

"If this storm comes straight to us, and we get those 10 inches of rain, where are people like Ms. Wanza going to go?" he asked.

Non-profits like Northeast Houston Redevelopment that Downey is a part of, United Way, Red Cross and Catholic Charities are on standby to help. In fact, Downey and his team delivered groceries to neighbors yesterday to help them get prepared.

"These people need help. They're taxpayers. We have to help our seniors. We have to make their waning years pleasant, not under stress," he explained.

As for Wanza and her little dog Cookie, they don't plan to chance it. Unlike many, she still drives and has the means to leave until the storm passes.

"I'm going to make a move as soon as I can make a move. I will go to one of my children."

The City of Houston is finishing up some of their plans and resources, and should have more information in the coming days.

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