Seniors fight to stay in their homes despite Harvey damage

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Thursday, October 12, 2017
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Seniors at 2100 Memorial will have to wait for final decision on eviction hearing.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Dozens of seniors from 2100 Memorial continued the fight to stay in their apartment this morning.

About 50 seniors who live at the apartments say they should not be forced to leave their apartment.

Houston Housing Authority claims the building is unsafe because of damage from Hurricane Harvey.

Today, the seniors were in court asking for an injunction so they can remain in their homes. Unfortunately, the decision will have to wait.

According to the housing authority attorneys, a judge granted them more time to respond to the temporary injunction request.

The temporary injunction will be heard next Wednesday. But for at least another week the 50 residents at 2100 Memorial will remain in their homes.

The housing authority wants residents to leave so they can begin repairs on the damage done by Harvey.

Residents are resistant because they say only the basement and first floor were damaged, not apartments.

The Houston Housing Authority says they are trying to get residents in other units around the city, but those who live at 2100 Memorial are saying many of those options are not in safe areas of town or have no access to things like grocery stores.

For the time being seniors at 2100 Memorial can stay, but their long-term fate will likely be decided next week.

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