Ryan Fitzpatrick surprises high schooler who asked favor

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- What would you do if you wanted a celebrity to help you out with a project?

Most of us wouldn't show up at his or her house, but one Houston high schooler did, and it paid off big time!

"I drove across town to his house and then I knocked on his door," said Kinkaid School student Lindsey Siff. "I knocked on his door and just asked him."

Siff went to Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick's house, and asked him to help her with a school project.

As you might imagine, Fitzpatrick didn't agree to do it.

"My dad and mom were like, 'It's not going to happen, but it's okay because you did all you could,'" Siff said.

A few days later, Fitzpatrick, his wife, and kids, showed up at her school unannounced. He stayed for more than an hour, and took photos with students and staff.

It was so unexpected, Lindsey wasn't even there to see it happen.

"Everyone is calling me and they're like, 'Ryan Fitzpatrick is here, where are you?'" she said.

The school project was called "Cookies and Cocoa." The idea was to start a successful business, and with the help of this celebrity endorsement, it's pretty safe to say the group got an "A."

"Take a chance, take a risk," said teacher, Angela Wainwright. "The greatest thing that they learned is that the sky is the limit."
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