Moms spread messages of kindness at Bay Elementary in wake of recent school shootings

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Moms spread messages of kindness at Bay Elementary School (KTRK)

An act of kindness by moms at James F. Bay Elementary School is receiving a big dose of attention.

On Thursday, a group of moms posted an array of inspirational messages on every restroom door at the elementary school.

The act stemmed after the principal Erin Tite shared a Facebook post of parents who had posted inspiring phrases throughout a school, in wake of the recent school shootings at Santa Fe High School and Parkland High School.

Patrice Dean told Eyewitness News that a group of moms then decided to take matters into their own hands and inspire their students by spreading messages of kindness.

"These moms came together to discuss a way that would create an uplifting environment for their students," Dean said. "After much discussion and with the principal's approval and counselor, Rebekah Walker's help, the moms decided to put their silhouette skills into action by creating, cutting and applying inspirational phrases onto the bathroom walls."

The moms applied vinyl messages for all restrooms, which included a total of 30 doors each.

After completing the bathroom doors, the moms posted their efforts on Facebook in hopes to inspire other parents to spread the message of kindness as well.

The Facebook post has received over 550 shares in places as far away as Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, and Ontario.

Also, several schools have reached out to the Bay moms for guidance in how to effectively spread inspirational messages in their own bathrooms.

The notes contained messages such as "kindness changes everything" and "kindness is free. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere."
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