Students honor special needs student in homecoming vote

Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Northridge students honor classmate with Down syndrome, autism
Northridge Academy 10th-grader Nicolette Morrison has autism and Down syndrome - and a big heart and a big smile. Her classmates honored her as the winter homecoming duchess.

LOS ANGELES, CA -- It's a quite an honor for any student to be nominated by their peers for homecoming court, but it was extra special for sophomore Nicolette Morrison, who was chosen as the winter homecoming duchess of Northridge Academy High School.

Morrison has Down syndrome and autism. But that didn't matter Saturday night.

"When they said Nicolette's name the place was just on fire. They were cheering they were stomping, the walls were shaking," said Nicolette's mother Cynthia Morrison. "It was amazing."

Cynthia Morrison shared the story with ABC7 using #abc7eyewitness.

Nicolette is known around campus for her big heart and big smile.

"She's just so kind," said senior Bea Francio. And people they know it. If you talk to her, she's super sweet. How would you not vote for someone like that?"

On Saturday that kind spirit returned to her while her mom watched.

"You're excited. You just can't get any more happy. Then of course you want to cry because you're so happy," Cynthia Morrison said.

To make the story even sweeter, the student who was voted winter homecoming lord gave up his crown to Nicolette's date and best friend, Dominic.

"I thought it would be really cool and exciting for them to share the moment together since they are best friends," said sophomore Michael Yang.