Turn to Ted: Dog returned after owner accidentally signs adoption papers

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Houston-based author has his prized French bulldog back, but it wasn't easy.

William Middleton Turned to Ted after he couldn't get his dog back from a pet sitter.

Middleton is an author and needed someone to watch his French bulldog, Hubert, while he was away on book tours.

Middleton says the first trip went fine.

When he needed help a second time, Middleton says the pet sitter brought paperwork different from the first time.

Middleton says he signed it without completely reading it. When he did, he says he realized it was an adoption agreement.

He didn't intend for that. Middleton suggested, "A lot of people really like my dog. I think the problem is someone who liked him a little too much."

He tells us he called the sitter numerous times without luck. He finally put his struggle on social media and spoke with ABC13's Ted Oberg. "I think your intervention was something that was really important," he told ABC13.

"Be super careful about who you have take care of your dog in the same way that you would be super careful about who you would have take care of your children," Middleton warns.

A few days later, the dog sitter told Turn to Ted, through an attorney, that she was returning the dog. Hubert and William were back walking the park together.

Middleton says he learned a hard lesson and one he hopes no one else ever has to, "Be very cautious about signing anything. Make sure that you have had the time to review it."

The SPCA and other pet experts suggest reading through everything before signing an agreement, making sure the start and end dates are clear, and clarifying expectations for contingencies.

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