Duck does its best to wake up sleepy Golden Retriever

ByVienna J. Montague KTRK logo
Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Duck... duck... dog?
Web-footed friend refuses to let this sleeping dog lie.

YORBA LINDA, Calif. -- Two ducks and a dog in Southern California have become an unusual trio of friends.

A video uploaded by the animals' owner Pam Ishiguro on June 5 in Yorba Linda shows Rudy, the Pekin duck, snuggling with Barclay the Golden Retriever.

Meanwhile, Indian Runner duck, Pippi, does its best to wake up the sleepy canine for play time.

At one point, Pippi even hops on top of his pal Barclay.

Still... nothing.

Ishiguro says this happens all the time.