Revamped Diho shopping center offers authentic feel and trendy eats

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Thursday, May 25, 2023
D-Square: Where authentic meets trendy
Transport to Asia without taking a flight! Discover something new at D-Square.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Diho aims to be the Asian destination in Houston by offering a variety of shops and restaurants.

Diho, also known as D-Square, was one of the first shopping centers established in Asiatown in the 1980s. It recently underwent major renovations during the pandemic.

"The shopping center has 40 units, 10 units shut down during COVID," Managing Director Beatrice Wong Said. "Because 10 tenants did leave it gave us a lot of opportunity to redo everything fresh."

Some of the new trendy tenants include: Kyuramen, Honey Pig, Mu La Bian Bian, and Nikkos Japanese Cheesecake.

Diho Square is located at the intersection of Bellaire Blvd and Ranchester Drive . You can see its full directory here