24th civil suit expected against former Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson

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Saturday, June 4, 2022
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A 24th woman is expected to file suit alleging sexual misconduct against former Texans' quarterback Deshaun Watson in the coming week.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A 24th woman is expected to file suit alleging sexual misconduct against former Texans' quarterback Deshaun Watson in the coming week.

Tony Buzbee, who represents the other woman in their civil suits, said it will likely come Monday morning.

A 23rd suit was filed exactly one week after an interview with the victims aired on HBO.

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Rusty Hardin, who represents Watson, said they have known about this woman for quite some time.

He said lawyers took this woman to dinner when the lawsuits were first filed with the victims listed as "Jane Doe" and she indicated she had not filed suit. The woman did say, according to Hardin, that she planned to hire an attorney the next day.

Hardin claims the 23rd victim blasted Watson's personal information to the public in 2020 and he was forced to change his phone number. He also said the woman went on a rant in a YouTube video about the quarterback. From then on, he said Hardin started using non-disclosure agreements.

"All the sudden she shows up with Buzbee with the lawsuit at the most opportune time publicity wise," Hardin said. "Her lawsuit is just full of inaccurate statements to put it charitably. She's been there all along."

He referred to the days following the HBO special when he mentioned an "opportune time."

Hardin said they decided to participate in the interview because they wanted their side of the story to get out. He said they will leave it up to others to determine if they found the episode fair.

"I don't think it moved the needle in any direction," Hardin said. "I was actually surprised. I didn't realize Bryant Gumbel had had that show since the 90s. I didn't even know that."

During a phone call with ABC13, Buzbee described the special as "informative, persuasive and compelling."

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The NFL is currently conducting an investigation of their own into the allegations.

Hardin said they have indicated they plan to have a decision by mid-summer.

"I've always been afraid that the NFL would not be willing to withstand the publicity onslaught, so they will do something," Hardin said. "We just don't know what."

Both attorneys agree the decision made by the NFL will not have any bearing on the civil suits moving forward.

They both indicated they look forward to their day in court.

"(Watson) is every bit as good of a guy as his reputation was before this all happened and we are incredibly insistent these are unfair and untrue accusations and we hope one day a court will let us show that," Hardin said.

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