Deshaun Watson cleared from case pending with Brazoria County grand jury, DA says

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Friday, March 25, 2022
Watson cleared in case of improper sexual misconduct in Brazoria Co.
Deshaun Watson, the former Houston Texans quarterback, is cleared from a legal pending case in Brazoria County, according to the DA.

BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- Former Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is cleared from a legal pending case in Brazoria County, according to the county's district attorney's office.

A 10th case related to allegations of improper sexual conduct was presented to a Brazoria County grand jury Wednesday. But by Thursday afternoon, the district attorney's office told ABC13 the jury refused to indict Watson.

"After a careful and thorough review of the facts and evidence documents in the reports prepared by the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office and the Houston Police Department, as well as hearing testimony from witnesses, the grand jury for Brazoria County has declined to charge Deshaun Watson with any crimes," District Attorney Tom Selleck said in a letter. "Accordingly, this matter is closed."

According to Watson's attorney Rusty Hardin, the case filed was not new. But rather, it was one of 10 criminal complaints filed about a year ago when a number of women came forward to allege sexual misconduct by Watson. Most of the allegations involved Watson's behavior while he received massages.

Hardin says one of the massages took place in Pearland, so that complaint was transferred to the Brazoria County District Attorney's Office.

Two weeks ago, a Harris County grand jury no-billed all nine cases in the Houston region. Hardin says the Brazoria County DA was waiting until after Harris County had finished its criminal probe. Hardin said a Brazoria County grand jury presented the case Wednesday, and that the panel will deliberate Thursday evening.

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Watson has already been traded to the Cleveland Browns. Hardin says the Browns were aware of the 10th case prior to the trade deal.

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The criminal probes are separate from civil cases Watson is still facing. He recently faced several rounds of depositions in those cases. There are 22 civil complaints ongoing.

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