Florida deputy dragged at nearly 50 mph after routine traffic stop turned violent

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Florida (KTRK) -- A routine traffic stop Saturday turned violent and later resulted in an eight-hour manhunt for a man who dragged a Florida deputy.

Deputy Aaron Blais' body cam captured the terrifying incident.

Deputy Blais stopped Rocky Rudolph Jr., 38, for his tinted windows, which were darker than allowed.

In the video above, when the deputy asked about smelling marijuana, Rudolph got combative and started to drive off. The deputy says he then pulled his gun, and Rudolph tried to grab it.

The video shows Rudolph start to go, stop, and eventually speed off with the deputy hanging on.

The suspect got up to nearly 50 miles per hour before Deputy Blais was thrown off - just before the suspect got onto the highway.

Deputy Blais shot at Rudolph and hit him in the leg.

Authorities say the suspect did have a gun.

After a nearly eight hour manhunt, he was arrested.

Authorities say Rudolph has a lengthy criminal record with 32 felonies.

Deputy Blais was treated at a hospital and released.
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