Terrier dies protecting children from pit bull attack

Thursday, July 16, 2015
Terrier dies protecting children from pit bull attack
Now the dog's owner is trying to find a way to keep the pit bull from entering her yard

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A Spring woman says her tiny Boston Terrier saved the lives of her grandchildren when a pit bull attacked.

Patricia Pearson tells us the dogs have gotten into her yard several times since, and that their owners don't seem to care.

Pearson says the Boston Terrier, General, was the best gift her daughter ever gave her. On June 26, while her grandchildren were in the back yard with him, she says her neighbors' pit bulls got through an opening in the fence. She says one went after her granddaughter, but General took the bite instead.

"She called me on the phone from work and she's like 'Granny the dog won't let General go,' and they're screaming and hollering," Pearson says.

The neighbor came to get his dogs.

"He makes the dogs go back through the hole, tells my granddaughter 'He'll be OK. I deal with this all the time. Just pour some peroxide on it. He'll be fine.'"

But General died the next day.

Pearson says the dogs have been back several times. One of those times, she says they dug General up from his back yard grave. She called the police each time.

"My dog hasn't been getting in their yard," says Linda. "My dog got in the yard one time and she called the cops earlier today for no reason at all. It's a bunch of harassment I think going on here."

"They broke through the fence again today. They have been back and forth through the yard. I can't go back there," argues Pearson.

Linda is one of the owners of the pits. She says they've lived here for five years and never had any problems.

"My dog hasn't been outside since, and the laws keep getting called for no reason," she tells Eyewitness News.

In fact, the dog in the yard while we were there is not the one that killed General.

We called animal control to find out Pearson's options. An officer came out and we're told will bring back a trap to catch the dog just in case the dog gets back into Pearson's yard.

Pearson says she wants to see the dogs gone or under control before someone gets hurt.

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