Man killed by deputies trespassed 2 months ago at NW Harris Co. home he shot at, woman says

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Monday, August 8, 2022
Man killed by deputies trespassed at home he shot at, woman says
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Court records show that Javier Alanis was arrested for a misdemeanor trespassing charge in June. The homeowner said he had been obsessed with her daughter for nearly a decade.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A man obsessed with trying to date a former classmate set off a series of events Monday morning that eventually left him dead near an Exxon gas station.

It all began around 2:50 a.m. in the 11100 block of Cora Street in northwest Harris County. Lydia, who doesn't want her last name reported, was asleep when she heard shots.

"We were inside asleep and we heard three like, loud banging," Lydia told ABC13. "And right away, I turned on my cameras."

She said she could not believe what she saw on the video: a man firing shots toward her back bedroom. Flashes of gunfire could be seen in the video.

Lydia called 911 to report the drive-by shooting, and minutes later, the man was on the run from deputies. Soon, he would be dead.

Lydia realized the man was Javier Alanis, someone she has known since he was a teenager.

"He's always had a crush on my daughter, since middle school," Lydia said. "She told him she didn't like him."

Early Monday morning, Alanis reportedly came to Lydia's home, but instead of bringing meals or flowers like he has done over the years, he brought a gun and fired shots.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said that Alanis then led Harris County Pct. 1 constable deputies and Harris County Sheriff's Office deputies on a six-mile chase toward the Beltway and Veterans Memorial.

When Alanis bailed out of the vehicle after crashing, he shot at the deputies who were chasing after him, officials said.

"It was reported the male was still armed and had began firing shots," said Gonzalez. "Two Pct. 1 deputies -- one lieutenant and one deputy -- fired shots, as well as two of our (sheriff's) deputies returned fire as well, striking the male. The male was subsequently pronounced deceased here at the scene."

No deputies were injured when the shots were fired.

First responders could be heard trying to get the suspect help after the gunfire on radio traffic.

"Weapon secured. Male is down. None of our guys are hurt. None of our guys are hurt. I need EMS at this scene," a deputy said.

Investigators recovered a weapon at the scene, Gonzalez said.

Lydia said over the past decade, Alanis' obsession with her daughter grew, culminating to trespassing charges two months ago. Court records show that Alanis was arrested for a misdemeanor trespassing charge in June.

"He just kept on (coming). We would tell him continuously, 'She doesn't live here. Stop coming.' He would be like, 'Do whatever you want. I don't care.' He got arrested for trespassing and harassment," Lydia said.

Never could Lydia and her now-adult daughter have imagined that the spurned love interest would show up at their family home firing shots. Lydia said it's even harder to fathom that he would lead deputies on a chase and then soon be shot dead.

"It broke my heart, but again, I never knew his intentions," Lydia said. "He told the officers, 'I'm not going to stop looking for her until I find her. I'm not going to stop.'"

Lydia's daughter now lives in Austin. She's been told about what happened.

Multiple agencies will conduct investigations into the deadly shooting, including the district attorney's office.

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