'Dancing with the Stars' heads back to the 80s as another couple says goodbye

From leg warmers to fingerless gloves, side ponytails to mullets, "Dancing with the Stars" offered a flashback to a favorite era for round five of the competition.

ByGeorge Pennacchio OTRC logo
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
'Dancing with the Stars' heads back to the 80s
Favorite songs and fashion from the 80s were out in full force for the latest theme night on 'Dancing with the Stars'.

LOS ANGELES -- The 12 remaining couples on "Dancing with the Stars" felt the "Rhythm of the Night" and the "Power of Love" in the ballroom for this latest round of performances.

It was 80s night! Who was a "Maniac," and who was "Livin' on a Prayer"? Here's a rundown of the nights performances, from highest score to lowest.

Johnny Weir & Britt

29 out of 30

Contemporary dance to "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

Johnny and Britt are the first couple of the season to dance a contemporary routine; they're also the first to get two '10s' from the judges! The Olympian admitted that learning these routines has been harder than he initially thought, and he struggled this week in rehearsal. Britt took him to a skating rink so he could get comfortable again and it clearly worked. Bruno Tonioli thought Johnny was connecting, projecting and being a true artist on the dance floor (even though he's the one who gave them a '9'). Carrie Ann Inaba raised her '10' paddle and called Britt's choreography amazing. Derek Hough also gave them a '10' and called his quality of movement beautiful.

Kaitlyn Bristow & Artem

27 out of 30

Tango to "I Think we're Alone Now"

Kaitlyn has been consistently strong with each dance and this week was no exception. The judges told her they want to see a different side to her, and she obliged. They ended the routine with an 80s break dance that Kaitlyn actually taught Artem! Carrie Ann praised her frame, calling it superior to anyone else. Bruno likened it to an 80s action-packed blockbuster.

Nev Schulman & Jenna

26 out of 30

Quickstep to "Take on Me"

This type of dance is fast and furious; Nev says his calves were screaming from the hard work in rehearsal this week. Nev shared that he was one of the first kids to be diagnosed with ADHD, and he joined an after school dance program that helped him channel his energy in a positive way. In a sweet moment, the teacher from that program joined in to speak fondly about Nev's talent. Carrie Ann appreciates Nev's consistency, but warned him about sometimes looking awkward in frame. Bruno praised his exuberance, timing and footwork.

Monica Aldama and Val

26 out of 30

Tango to "Tainted Love"

We've only heard about Monica as this tough, winning cheerleading coach. But she shared tonight that her start was in the finance world. She got her business degree from the University of Texas and had every intention of going to Wall Street. She veered into the cheer world, and never looked back. Monica said the biggest reward has been the relationship with her students over the years. Bruno thought her routine this week was very focused, and offered fantastic shapes and lines. Derek said he could feel her hunger in that dance and he liked seeing it. Carrie Ann told Monica she brought it all to the ballroom this week and it was dynamic.

Justina Machado and Sasha

24 out of 30

Jazz to "Maniac"

Justina told us about something in her younger years that a lot of people can probably relate to: she liked to imitate the top stars of the day. So in the 80s, that meant a Madonna phase, and then a Prince phase! The duo had a fast and fun tribute to "Flashdance" and Justina was the trooper who ended the routine with the infamous water dropping from a bucket on her head scene. Derek thought the dance was perfect for the night's theme. Bruno agreed it was deliciously 80s; and Carrie Ann is thrilled with how much "in sync" this couple can be in the ballroom.

Jeanie Mai and Brandon

24 out of 30

Jazz to "Like a Virgin"

Jeannie said, because we've been going through such hard times lately, this week's 80s theme took her back to a lighter, more positive time and fun with her family. Like most girls, she loved Madonna so channeling her with this routine was a blast. Carrie Ann told Jeannie she's the most exciting performer to watch each week, and that comment left Jeannie's jaw on the floor. Derek enjoys the confident energy she brings to the dance floor every week.

AJ McLean and Cheryl

24 out of 30

Waltz to "Open Arms"

AJ's fond 80s memories take him back to when he was young and first realized how much he loved to perform. He brought those performance skills to the ballroom, with Carrie Ann calling the routine elegant, and praised him for properly leading Cheryl. Derek and Bruno both agreed that he has great control and brought elegance to the dance.

Skai Jackson and Alan

24 out of 30

Jazz to "Power of Love"

Skai said she hoped to bring along some momentum from last week's '10' from Carrie Ann to this new style of dance. Clearly, this teenager has to go inside the "way back" machine to learn about the 80s. But her mom is a fan of the era and they actually have 80s movie nights. Skai called her mom to ask about some 80s advice, and mom said to go big, and remember the era was all about fun. Derek thought they kept their energy up throughout a tough routine. Bruno was a little nervous on some of the many lifts Alan did and was worried he'd drop this petite young flower. Carrie Ann agreed that some of the dismounts seems shaky.

Nelly and Daniela

24 out of 30

Samba to "Rhythm of the Night"

Nelly seemed a little discouraged after last week; he got high praise from the judges, but not so high scores. He brought all his energy to this dance and it seemed that the stars were in alignment. Derek called it his best dance yet, and a legit samba to boot. Carrie Ann said watching him move just made her happy.

Vernon Davis and Peta

21 out of 30

Tango to "Livin' on a Prayer"

OK, there were a lot of crazy costumes and wigs this week, but Vernon's hairpiece took the cake. He seemed to be channeling a bit of Rick James, and a bit of Verdine White from "Earth Wind & Fire." Bruno felt he gave off a rock god vibe, and while they started well, he went wrong and couldn't quite get things back on track.

Chrishell Stause and Gleb

19 out of 30

Cha to "You Got it (The Right Stuff)"

Chrishell was over the moon to be dancing to a song from New Kids on the Block. She wasn't just a fan of the band; she was a FAN. Obsessed. Like kiss their poster every night obsessed! The judges thought the routine was a little shaky, and needed more content. But Chrishell's night was made when they ended with a taped piece that had Jordan, Donnie, Danny and Joey from NKOTB wishing her luck!

Jesse Metcalfe and Sharna

19 out of 30

Tango to "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"

Jesse was young in the 80s but has fond memories because it influenced him greatly. His remembered being influenced by Judd Nelson in "The Breakfast Club" because he could relate to feeling like an outsider. Bruno asked Jesse to try and balance his performance abilities, which are high, with his technique, which isn't as high. Derek assured him all the judges and his fellow competitors were all rooting for him to succeed and improve.

Two hours flew by and we were down to the lightning round of elimination. Safe for another week: Monica, Nelly, Jeannie, Johnny, Justina, AJ, Nev, Skai, Kaitlyn and Chrishell.

That left Vernon and Jesse in the bottom two. All three judges voted to save Vernon and Peta for another week and that meant it was Jesse's turn to be eliminated.

Next week: no theme! Just dancing!