Dance of Asian America: Learning the rich culture through authentic Chinese dance

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Exploring art & culture through authentic Chinese dance
At Dance of Asian America Academy, the young dancers learn how to preserve the rich cultural heritage of China through their performances.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Behind every dance performed at Houston's Dance of Asian America Academy, there's a story.

DAA Academy, the professional school for the non-profit Dance of Asian America company, brings the beauty of Chinese culture to thousands each year through dozens of sensational city-wide performances.

DAA Academy, located in Houston's Asiatown, trains young dancers ages three and up in a wide-ranging curriculum of professional ballet, modern jazz and traditional Asian and Chinese dance.

DAA Academy and Dance of Asian America dancers bring free performances to many of Houston's top stages, including Miller Outdoor Theatre, Stafford Centre, Wortham Theatre and more.

"Through these performances, these young dancers are actually the ambassadors for the Chinese culture and the art of dance," said Janie Yao, founder of Dance of Asian America. "We sustain traditions, we educate our community through cross-cultural education, we also foster young generations of artists and we build cross-cultural ties."

"Through this, I've learned more about myself as a person and I've been able to connect to my culture and my roots," said longtime student Saranna Zhang. "And it's also just a great way to explore art."