Six credit card skimming devices found at North Loop gas station

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Six car readers have been found at Houston pumps
Six credit card readers have been found at Houston pumps.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Texas Department of Agriculture is warning consumers about credit card skimmers after an inspector found a half dozen pumps at a northeast Houston gas station were compromised.

Monday, the state issued an alert and advised consumers to be diligent.

Last week, following a complaint to the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), officials say an inspector found skimmers on six out of eight pumps at the Valero on the North Loop at Wayside. Houston police removed and seized them. The case is under investigation.

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"I think that's really wrong and they need to do something about it," said Sharman Jones, who is a frequent customer.

To avoid becoming a victim, TDA urges customers to use a pump closest to the storefront that the clerk can see. Make sure readers and the pump cabinet haven't been tampered with. Also, keep receipts and check bank and credit card statements often. The safest method of payment is cash.

"That's why I pay with cash," said Eric Davis.

If you think you've been skimmed, call 1-800-TELL-TDA. TDA will send an inspector to check it out.

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