Cows, bulls wreaking havoc in suburb

SAN JOSE, California -- For the last two months, residents of South San Jose, California have been getting nightly visitors from cows and bulls. The animals tear up their lawns, cause traffic problems and leave behind a stinky mess. They want the city to take care of it once and for all.

"We're tired of it, they shouldn't be here. I mean, they're trespassing, you know," said Brandi Sosa.

Cellphone videos from residents show the cattle hanging out at night or walking around in the afternoon.

"This is our everyday reality now. I don't know what to do with this. I didn't expect this kind of fertilizer," said Madhu Gaur.

Jay Terrado, head of San Jose's Animal Care Services, says his team just learned about the situation this week with summer being a very busy season for his units. They are now investigating several properties in the area with cattle on it.

They have asked one owner to look into whether they're his cows that are wandering into the neighborhood at night. The owner has been given time to look into the situation or face a fine.

Residents say they need a solution fast or things can start to get dangerous.

"The cow just ran over and I had to apply brakes and I was scared that I don't hit the cow," said Gaur.

Animal Care Services has deployed units to the neighborhood to track down where the animals are coming from.
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