Labor attorney outlines what to do if you're concerned about work conditions tied to the coronavirus pandemic

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you're still working, and feeling unsafe, ABC13 spoke with a labor attorney to find out what you should do.

We chatted with labor attorney David Quan to find out what employees should do if they're concerned about their work environment.

"Bring it up to your management of your employer," Quan explained. "Make sure they're aware of the situation and how you're feeling so they can at least have a chance to respond and correct the situation."

Quan said to document the conditions in your workplace by taking photos or videos.

Also, show management CDC recommendations if they're not being followed. If nothing changes, Quan said you can contact OSHA, but you'll need to be patient because the agency is overwhelmed.

"The more substantiated claim that you submit to OSHA is going to get more attention," Quan said. "They will have to start making priorities because they're getting so many concerns raised to them."

If you quit your job because you're afraid, you may not be able to get benefits, according to Quan. This is why he says if you are worried, don't be afraid to share your concerns.

"Be very candid about your concerns to your employer," Quan said. "I think we need to assume an employer doesn't want to endanger any of its employees."

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