Texas driver frightened by mouse mistakenly sends SUV into bay

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX (KTRK) -- It's not as terrifying as snakes on a plane, but a mouse in car caused a woman to crash into Corpus Christi Bay on Monday.

A woman told officers that she was getting ready to leave Swantner Park when she felt something brush up against her leg.

She jumped out of her car in a panic, and in the process accidentally threw her car into gear.

Unfortunately, her vehicle took a dive straight into the Corpus Christi bay.

An officer at the scene says that accidents like this can happen to anyone.

"Cars end up in bay for different reasons, this is just another one. Why they happen? You know, usually someone is distracted or something happens in their car. Next thing you know the car rolls off into the water since we're so close to the water at the edge of the park," said Senior Officer Carl Knapick.

Fortunately the woman wasn't injured, but officers say she was embarrassed about the whole incident.
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