'Robot cars' enforce lockdown to curb coronavirus spread on streets of Tunisia: VIDEO

TUNIS, Tunisia -- Authorities in Tunisia have deployed "robot cars" to the streets in an effort to enforce the country's lockdown intended to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Government-released video shows the remote-controlled vehicle approaching people on the streets of Tunis and asking for identification. The robot can be heard in Arabic asking a woman where she is going, where she is coming from and whether or not she is aware of the lockdown rules.

Law enforcement officers are shown at a remote location speaking to the woman through the robot.

It follows up with an announcement saying, "Everyone is required to apply public quarantine procedures and not to leave their homes to limit the spread of the contagion in order to preserve the safety of human lives."

Those in areas covered by the lockdown order can leave the house to buy food and medicine as well as travel to work if they're employed in an essential business.

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