Stocking up at the grocery store? Here are the fruits and veggies that go the distance

We are all doing our best to minimize our exposure to germs -- one strategy is to make fewer trips to the grocery store.

It's easy to stock up on pantry and freezer staples, but there are some long-lasting produce items you can purchase, as well.

Citrus fruits, like oranges, stay fresh in the pantry for one to two weeks and in the fridge for three to four months.

Sweet potatoes will last in a cool dark place for two to three months.

Spaghetti squash will also last in a cool dark place for about a month or two.

Apples stay fresh in the pantry for up to two weeks, and in the fridge for up to two months.

Onions and garlic will keep up to six months in a cool dark place.

When you do make a trip to the grocery store, go ahead and buy those more perishable items like bananas and berries, but don't stock up or they may go bad before you can eat them. When it comes to pantry items, there's a bean boom!

A representatives from GOYA says sales of canned products have spiked as much as 400%.

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