Touchless technology took center stage at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show

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Friday, January 15, 2021
New touchless tech products can limit spread of germs
A voice command fridge, doorbell that rings on its own and a hands free toilet? These were just some of the touchless technology for your home, kitchen and bathroom featured at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Staying on theme with the pandemic, tech that allows you to keep your hands to yourself was all the rage with products featured at the Consumer Electronics Show this year.

The idea behind touchless technology is simple: the fewer things you touch, the less likely you are to pick up germs or even the coronavirus.

A lot of manufacturers are going all in on this trend, knowing people will want a touchless feature on just about everything.

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From powerful WiFi routers to smaller ultraviolet lights that disinfect surfaces, here are a couple of gadgets we found at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Doorbell cameras already exist, but the touchless feature rings the doorbell when a visitor or mail delivery person stands on your front door mat.

Also featured was a refrigerator that opens by voice command.

The bathroom is going touchless too, with homes finally able to get hands-free toilets.

"This toilet they are working on is supposed to come out in March, $600 start, up to $1000, and really it's about when you are finished using your toilet, instead of touching the handle, you just wave your hand and it's flushed," said Connie Guglielmo of CNET.

Another big product line featured were UV lights. You can find UV lights in things like water dispensers, including handheld versions.

One more thing you might like is a new way to stay safe and stay in touch at the same time.

Mask phones are masks that have earbuds and a microphone built in so you can take calls while on the go and still follow mask rules in the airport or at the grocery store. The mask costs $50.

Manufacturers are saying these types of innovation will drive sales well beyond the pandemic.

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To see more of the innovative products featured at the show, you can head to the organizer's website.

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