Construction worker tells her training success story

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Construction job training is 1 woman's success story
Laura Contreras was unemployed but was hired immediately in the construction industry after a five week course. This is her success story.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- So many people are out of work and facing an uncertain future, but there are industries that are hiring.

It may not be your first choice, but the construction industry has been looking for workers for years and even in the pandemic, there is still a need for workers.

Before you say, "That's not for me!" I want to tell you about a woman we met who is in the industry and she loves what she does.

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A few years ago, Laura Contreras found herself out of work and decided to enroll in a construction course at Community Family Center.

Five weeks later, her course was completed and she was immediately interviewed, got hired and has been working in the field for a couple of years now.

She says if she can do it, so can you.

"Anybody can do it. Anybody," Contreras said. "From that class, we had teenagers barely in high school graduating to senior citizens that just needed another opportunity."

If you are in an industry that is not coming back anytime soon and want to check out construction, here are a few tips on getting hired.

Community Family Centers offer courses, as do local community colleges, or you can call local union halls or merit-based shops to see what's available.

Contreras says she is happy with the pay, and is even looking into further training so she can earn more.

You can find more about Community Family Centers' course offerings here.

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