Conroe radio station DJ celebrates 68 years on air

CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- If you grew up in Montgomery County, you've probably listened to KStar Country 99.7 FM.

Over the years, most radio stations in the country have been bought by big corporations, but KStar has stayed independent and family owned.

"I come up here just to torment them," laughed owner Benjamin Amato.

Amato once owned three grocery stores in town.

He bought the radio station in 1991 because he thought it would be a smart way to advertise his businesses.

"It's a lot easier to run than a grocery store, I'll tell you that," he said, with a smile.

"Conroe is just my home and the people, they're the ones that keep me going," said Mary McCoy, one of the station's most popular DJs.

McCoy has been on the radio for 68 years, first as a singer, then as a radio personality.

When she was 16 years old, she even worked with Elvis Presley.

"He had so much respect and that's the part that got my attention,' she explained.

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