Computer chip shortage sparks tech delays and higher prices

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Friday, April 9, 2021
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Having trouble getting the laptop or gaming system you've had your eye on? Experts say it will continue to be an issue into next year.

If you are looking to buy anything that has high tech hardware like a computer chip, get ready to wait longer for the items, and be prepared to pay more for them.

There is a global shortage of computer chips, and it really does impact almost everything you buy.

Due to a shortage on chips, prices are up 25% from last year.

The chip shortage is making it hard for manufacturers to find the supplies they need to make computer powered goods.

For instance, automakers are already cutting back assembly lines. Prices for things like computer graphics cards are skyrocketing.

The pandemic shut down chip plants, and then consumers upgraded their home computers, using up what limited supply remained.

Now, plants are back online, but there are only so many of those around the world, and they can only turn out so many chips. So far, the demand is much higher than the supply.

A graphics card that cost $750 only a few months ago now goes for $1,100, but it gets worse.

Resellers are now buying up computer parts as soon as they hit store shelves only to sell them online for a steep mark up.

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"People buy them up online and then resell them at even higher price points, so you have resellers selling these things at double the price," said Alex Diaz of Top Tech Experts.

The chip shortage may come to an end in January of next year.

That means the chip shortage will probably have a big impact on Christmas shopping.

Although it is so early, if your loved one wants anything computer related for Christmas, you may want to start looking now.

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