Woman who loves extravagant holiday decor gets home vandalized

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Friday, November 1, 2019
Neighbors restore vandalized Halloween decorations
After someone slashed her Halloween inflatables, her beighbors rallied together to help get new ones.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In the days after her Halloween inflatables were slashed, a woman in the Riverside Terrace neighborhood received replacements from anonymous senders on her doorstep.

Rhonda McDonald loves to decorate for all holidays. The image of her home on Google Maps even shows a decorated front yard.

She said strangers stop by, take pictures, honk, wave or hug her because of her decorations.

McDonald and her three children set up several large inflatables for Halloween this year.

"I think it gives my neighbors and the passersby an idea that we like to have a good time," McDonald said.

About four weeks ago, she said they woke up on a Saturday morning and found that someone had vandalized their decor.

"With a stake from an iron fence, they punctured holes in our pumpkin and then we had an inflatable with a guy on a cycle, they just slashed that," McDonald recalled.

She said they were shocked and upset that someone would do that. The mother posted on the website NextDoor to warn her neighbors.

"This box was left on my doorstep with this lovely note from a family that states how upset they were by the act of vandalism that happened with the first set of inflatables we had in our yard and purchased one to encourage us to put it back up again," McDonald said.

Another box with three inflatables showed up on her doorstep without a sender's name.

"I think the mystery makes us feel like it is everyone that drives by and waves and says that they love it, so we like the mystery," McDonald said.

McDonald is excited to celebrate Halloween with trick-or-treaters and then start getting her Christmas decorations up.

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