Kashmere Gardens neighbors fight for lights along Hunting Bayou trail

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Bayou Greenway's 2020 project is an innovative, fresh way to connect walking trails along Houston's bayous.

The nearly two-mile stretch in Kashmere Gardens is a welcome sight, but one thing it doesn't have is lights.

"We need some lights down there. All down there," resident Dorothy Rainey explained.

It's a plea Kashmere Gardens residents say have fallen on deaf ears. For the last couple of years, neighborhood leaders have asked the Houston Parks Board to put up light poles along Hunting Bayou.

If they don't, they're afraid of what may happen.

"You don't want law abiding citizens to be able to use this during the day and the criminals at night," Keith Downey, President of Kashmere Gardens Super Neighborhood Council #52, said.

The bayou path will eventually connect Hutcheson Park to Mickey Leland Park, which spans about two miles. Downey says he was told the community would have to front the cost for lighting.

"How many fish dinners can you serve? We need the means. We need the help. We need, maybe someone will come in and sponsor the night lighting in the community," he said.

Eyewitness News took that concern straight to the Houston Parks Board. They issued us a statement that reads in part:

"Because of the potential of flooding, lighting and structures are generally not encouraged along the edge of the bayous. We are pleased to see community members eager to add amenities like lights and playgrounds, and we are more than happy to partner on enhancing the Greenways."

If you're not familiar with Kashmere Gardens, it's an established neighborhood with lots of people up in age. It was slammed by Hurricane Harvey and still doesn't have everyone back in their home. They say the dark trail is one more thing they have to worry about.

"It's a lot of seniors and we're all on edge. We're sitting on 'Edge Street' because you never know what's going to happen," Downey said.

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