Coffee slows spread of colon cancer, researchers say

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Monday, October 19, 2020
Coffee slows spread of colon cancer, researchers say
Good news, coffee lovers! Press play to hear about the new benefits of coffee that researchers found.

A study found that a daily cup of coffee could actually be good for you.

Cleveland Clinic researchers found that coffee may slow the spread of colon cancer.

"If you're worried about drinking three or four cups a day, it's probably safe and may actually be more beneficial than drinking less," Dr. Suneel Kamath said. "So, if you really like that 'cup of Joe' in the morning and that one in the afternoon, like I do, keep doing it. It probably has a number of benefits, specifically to colorectal cancer and maybe for some others."

The study looked at dietary questionnaires from more than 1,100 people undergoing chemotherapy for advanced colon cancer. They found that for every cup of coffee consumed, there was a 7 percent improvement rate in their health.

Other studies have linked coffee to reduce risk for diabetes, liver disease and heart disease.


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