Interracial family outraged after receiving threats in their new home

VACAVILLE, California -- An anonymous letter was left for a family of seven telling them they need to leave the neighborhood they just moved into to.

The letter says things such as, "your interracial family is not welcome here," and "this is not the ghetto."

The letter also goes on to say, "you cannot possibly afford a home in our area."

The homeowner who received this letter, Marc Yu posted a copy of the letter to Facebook where it has been shared hundreds of times.

Some neighbors are coming to their defense while others are accusing the couple of writing the letter themselves.

The attention is becoming so intense, the family says they don't want their children going outside.

The letter warns the family to leave the neighborhood within 60 days, or their landlord will be called.

Yu told KOVR , "this person is a complete idiot. We own our house so we're not going anywhere."
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