Check out Clint Dempsey's hidden talent

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRK) -- As the anticipation builds towards team USA's huge match Thursday, we are learning more about one of America's biggest stars. It turns out Nacogdoches native Clint Dempsey is a man of many talents.

Swagger Bar always mixes sports and hip hop, and now one U.S. soccer stud is doing the same!

On the soccer field, he's an animal. And now American soccer sensation Dempsey is crossing over into rap and hip hop.

A Texas native, Dempsey uses the alias "Deuce" and is featured alongside other Texas rappers XO and Big Hawk in the song "Don't Tread," which was used for the Nike soccer campaign for the 2006 world cup. His latest single, "It's Poppin" featuring XO, is catching on with industry insiders.

DJ Keola at radio station Hot 95-7 FM says while the beat is sick. Lyrically, Deuce leaves little to be desired.

"Everyone's supporting the US World Cup team right now and they've got the big game against Germany tomorrow, so it's definitely relevant to the time. But I don't foresee it having much longevity," DJ Keola said.
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