Chris Brown faces complaints from Tarzana neighbors over ATV riding

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Saturday, May 14, 2016
Chris Brown faces complaints from Tarzana neighbors over ATV riding
Singer Chris Brown's house in Tarzana has several ATVs parked outside that neighbors say he has used to cause a disturbance.

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Singer Chris Brown is facing complaints from a Tarzana neighbor that he was disturbing the peace - riding an ATV and doing doughnuts around the neighborhood.

A neighbor complained to Los Angeles police that Brown and another man were recently racing up and down his Tarzana street on the all-terrain vehicles. An aerial view of his home shows several ATVs parked on the property.

"We had a citizen complain about two males in the area, riding ATVs, at high rate of speed through the alleys," said Sgt. James Harper, with the LAPD's West Valley division. "The citizen saw a person he recognized as Chris Brown in the area. At that point, he came on to his property, did a couple of doughnuts on his front lawn."

"The citizen asked him, 'Hey knock that off, quit it.' At that time we had a couple of obscenities thrown at him by Chris Brown. And then he took off down the street to his house."

Officers tried to contact Brown at his house, but bodyguards said he was not available.

The officers left and filed a report with the Los Angeles city attorney. It will now be up to the city attorney's office to decide whether to move forward with disturbing the peace charges.

"Obviously we don't want citizens riding on the streets with all-terrain vehicles at a high rate of speed with no helmet and endangering some of the patrons that could be in the area," Harper said.

Brown seems to have ongoing issues with his neighbors. Police have been called at least five times since he moved there last year. Brown was also sentenced to probation for beating his then-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009.