Chili's waitress goes missing after movie with co-worker

ENNIS, Texas (KTRK) -- The family of a Chili's waitress last seen five days ago is pleading for help solving her disappearance.

Emily Wade is the mother of a 7-year-old girl, and her family says they just haven't had the heart to tell her that her mom is missing, WFAA reports.

"I'm scared to death, I'll be honest with you," said Shirley Wade, the waitress' mother. "I'm scared to death. I just don't know what's wrong."

Emily had plans Saturday night to go to a co-worker's house to eat pizza and watch a movie. But a witness told police he saw her drive away around 8:30 p.m. She never made it home.

The father of Emily's child, Jared Jones, said he's growing more afraid each passing day without answers.

"It's going to break (our daughter's) heart," Jones said, "We don't know what to say to her, but we're going to have to say something to her. She's very intuitive and she knows something is wrong."

Emily is originally from Kentucky. She was last seen driving her mom's 2012 silver Nissan Altima with Kentucky license plate 411 PAZ.

The woman's family said her bank account has not been touched, and her cell phone, one she only uses for text messaging, hasn't been active.

"She's never done anything like this before," Shirley said. "That's what scares me. She would not do this to her mother. I know she would not do it to me. She knows how I worry."

Anyone with information in Emily's disappearance is asked to call Ennis police.
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