Months of child support wrongly taken from man's check

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Thursday, March 21, 2019
6 months of child support wrongly deducted from Raleigh man's paycheck
His child turned 18, but child support payments continue to be deducted from his monthly social security check.

RALEIGH, North Carolina -- Anthony Glaspie's child already turned 18, but child support payments continued to be deducted from his monthly Social Security check. He said no matter how many times he tried to get the payments to stop, they kept happening.

"Social Security wasn't doing anything," he said. "I went to them twice. They were saying you are going to have to go to the child support office and get them to send us the paperwork to stop it."

Glaspie had a termination of support letter from Wayne County. He said representatives told him they sent the letter to the Social Security office several times. Despite Glaspie's letter, child support payments continued to be deducted from his check.

"I got behind on other bills, I had to make other arrangements," Glaspie added.

Glaspie reached out to WTVD-TV where an investigative reporter reached out to Social Security. Due to privacy reasons, they couldn't comment, but it eventually brought Glaspie the results he'd been waiting for.

"I thank you for doing what you did because Social Security called me and said it's been stopped; that's all I wanted," Glaspie told WTVD-TV.

Besides the child support monthly deductions being stopped, Glaspie was refunded for the six months of payments that were made after he had already fulfilled his obligation.