Channelview HS robotics team preps students for STEM jobs

CHANNELVIEW, Texas (KTRK) -- Channelview High's newest student is a little short and a little stout.

And, just like many teenagers, he sometimes needs a little re-wiring.

"I work on the coding, and making sure the robot is running alright," explained 16-year-old student Antonio Bucio.

Falcon X was created by Channelview High's robotic club.

The club is only in its first year, but students have already competed in regional competitions.

"I really wanted to pursue my STEM career," explained 17-year-old Faith Rueda, "and I really wanted to be a safety captain on the team."

Men and women who work in nearby plants like LyondellBasell are now volunteering with the robotics team after work.

"The critical thinking skills is what they develop,' explained Rick Willett, the manager of LyondellBasell's Channelview's branch of automation and engineering. "It's also developing relationships so they can understand that these are guys out in the plant and I can do this, too."

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