Do not click the link! CenterPoint warns users about phony blackout texts

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Saturday, December 24, 2022
CenterPoint warns users about blackout scam texts
CenterPoint says the messages look like they come from the power company - and includes what they call a malicious link.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- CenterPoint Energy notified Eyewitness News that some customers are getting text messages claiming that rotating power outages are going to happen Saturday night.

CenterPoint says the messages are not coming from them and there are no plans at this hour for rolling blackouts.

The power company refers to this as SMShing (pronounced smishing) occurs when scammers send a text message to the recipient, urging him or her to promptly take an action, such as paying an energy bill or verifying account activity (due to suspicious activity), according to their website.

If you click the link, it may either install malware onto your smartphone, or take you to authentic-looking webpage designed to trick you into disclosing sensitive info, according to CenterPoint.

Do NOT click the link

  • Delete the text message

See more about common energy scams on CenterPoint Energy's website.