10 celebrities that have served jail time

What do Mark Wahlberg, Tim Allen and Lil Wayne have in common? They have all spent time in jail.

Here's a look at 10 celebrities who spent time locked up, which may or may not surprise you.

Mark Wahlberg - At the age of 16, Wahlberg was caught stealing beer. The LA Times reports Wahlberg punched one man and used a large stick to hit a Vietnamese man while shouting racial slurs. He was sentenced to two years for the felony charge, and served 45 days in prison.

Lil Wayne - In 2010, rapper Lil Wayne spent eight months in jail for felony gun possession after police searched his tour bus.

Robert Downey Jr. - After being arrested numerous times on charges related to drugs, Downey missed a court-ordered drug test in 1997 and was ordered to spend six months in the Los Angeles County Jail.

Teresa Giudice - Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her husband, Joe, entered a guilty plea to 41 counts of fraud in 2014. Teresa was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison. Joe was sentenced to 41 months.

Remy Ma - In 2008, rapper Remy Ma was found guilty of two charges of assault in connection with an argument she had with a friend. MTV News reported the rapper was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Tim Allen - Comedian and Home Improvement star Tim Allen served two years and four months in prison after he pleaded guilty to felony drug trafficking charges.

Lil' Kim - Rapper Lil' Kim was sentenced in 2005 to serve a year and a day in federal prison after she admitted in court that she tried to protect friends by lying to a grand jury.

Wesley Snipes - In 2008, actor Wesley Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison for willful failure to file federal income tax.

Martha Stewart - TV personality and businesswoman Martha Stewart was sentenced to a five-month sentence in 2004 for insider stock trading.

Lindsay Lohan - After several run-ins with the law, Lindsay Lohan served two weeks in prison in 2010 for failing to attend her court-ordered alcohol education classes.
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