$5 microchipping for your pet

Friday, February 20, 2015

Did you see [url HREF="[br /]http://abc13.com/pets/man-reunited-with-dog-missing-for-more-than-2-years/520593/" TARGET="" REL=""]this story[/url] out of Long Island, New York earlier this week?[br /][br /]After apparently being stolen more than two years ago, bulldog Bella is now back home with her family. [br /][br /]Someone found Bella wandering around the area and brought her to a local veterinarian. They scanned for a microchip and found one. That's how they were able to call her parents and get Bella back home.[br /][br /]You can ensure your pets always have identification, by microchipping your own cats and dogs.[br /][br /]HCPHES (Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services) Veterinary Public Health is offering $5 microchipping the rest of this month.[br /][br /][photo ID="526424" /][br /][br /]There's no limit on the number of animals you can get microchipped. And you don't need an appointment. Just stop by during shelter hours to take advantage of this great deal.[br /][br /]HCPHES Veterinary Public Health[br /]612 Canino Road[br /]Houston, Texas 77076[br /]Shelter Hours:[br /]Monday-Friday[br /]1:00PM - 5:50PM[br /]Saturday[br /]11:00AM - 4:00PM[br /][br /]For more information call 281-999-3191 or visit,[br /][url HREF="http://www.hcphes.org/divisions_and_offices/veterinary_public_health/" TARGET="" REL=""]http://www.hcphes.org/divisions_and_offices/veterinary_public_health/[/url]

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