Car unhinges from wrecker, slams into W. Houston storefront

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A bizarre story is unfolding after a car slammed into a west Houston store when it became disconnected from a tow truck.

This all started at a nearby apartment complex but ended here when a car being towed came crashing through this building.

The tow truck driver says after he hooked up the car and left the apartment complex someone pulled up alongside him and started arguing with him.

The tow truck driver says he then decided to pull into this business center and when he did, the car that was hooked up came loose and slammed through the window of Sweet Bambini.

"It was unfortunately unhinged from the tow truck and went through a store window and we were like, 'That is absolutely insane, that sounds crazy,'" car owner Daniel Barber says. "They said it was an altercation with the tow truck."

We want to point out that the owner of the car that came through the building was not the person who got into a conflict with the tow truck driver.

Police are searching for the person who ultimately caused this damage.

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