New Caney church burglarized 24 hours after handing out food to 376 families

NEW CANEY, Texas (KTRK) -- On Saturday morning, Caney Creek Cowboy Church handed out food to 376 families in Montgomery County. Less than 24 hours later, $10,000 worth of church equipment was vandalized or stolen.

Sunday morning, before socially-distanced services began, Pastor Mark Grimes went to get something in the storage closet, and found the lock ripped off the door frame

"We found a knife, we found flashlights," he said, pointing to the back porch floor.

The thieves ripped paneling and insulation off the wall. It appears they were trying to get into the church office next door. They didn't succeed.

"We really don't know if it's somebody local," Grimes said.

The pastor is confused and a little sad. Hours earlier, the community came together to help one another. Overnight, someone vandalized the closet, tore off the handles on their church van, and stole keys to tractors, mowers and a pick-up truck. He's afraid the person or people will come back to steal the vehicles.

The thieves also stole speakers and microphones housed in a stand by the arena. That's equipment the cowboy church uses for rodeos they host every weekend when we're not in a pandemic.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's office is investigating. A spokesperson said two other churches in the area were burglarized recently. Investigators don't know if it's one group responsible.
"I tell people, be aware of your surroundings, open your eyes, pay attention and don't let your guard down because desperate times bring out desperate people."

What happened won't stop Grimes and his church from helping right now. Because people need them. He and the rest of his volunteers plan to be at the church next Saturday, handing out food, despite this.

"We know that the lord will provide. He's going to give us back what the devil stole from us. We know that."

If you'd like to donate to the Caney Creek Cowboy Church, click here.

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