Latino Cultural District 'Calle 24' preserves, enhances Latino culture

ByChris Bollini Localish logo
Monday, January 23, 2023
Take a trip through the Heart of the Mission
Calle 24, aka "The Heart of the Mission" is a tree-lined street bustling with shopping, dining, culture, and more.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Calle 24, also known as "The Heart of the Mission," is a tree-lined street in San Francisco's Historic Mission District.

"Calle 24 is the biggest, Latino cultural corridor in San Francisco so it's beautiful to come here and learn history," CEO of Cultura y Arte Nativa de las Americas (CANA) Roberto Y. Hernandez explains.

In 1999, a group of residents and businesses came together to create Calle 24 to preserve the Latino culture that had existed in the Mission District for decades.

"Especially because we were going through a time of gentrification, and so we didn't want to lose the identity, the soul, the heart of the Mission District," Hernandez adds.

Calle 24 offers visitors plenty of things to do and see.

"When people come here to the Mission District, they come to enjoy looking at murals to shopping and getting yourself something very beautiful to take home," Hernandez shares.

The district has some of the best cultural shops in the city.

"You can get typical clothing from Latin America and items that normally you won't find anywhere else," Hernandez says. "Handmade here or imported from different countries in Latin America."

The area also boasts some of the tastiest restaurants in the city.

"And of course, you'll want to get something to eat," Hernandez declares with a smile, "This is the spot where you get all kinds of different foods, delicious tastes and it's good for the soul."

According to Hernandez, Calle 24 is going to continue to grow as economically vibrant community that embraces the unique Latino heritage and cultures.

"We have a five-year plan to further expand Calle 24 and the cultural district by building home ownership programs for natives and Latinos, as well as attracting Latino businesses because a lot of storefronts closed," Hernandez shares. "We are taking this opportunity to economically revitalize and develop Calle 24."

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