ONLY ON 13: Terrifying ordeal after kindergartner put on wrong school bus

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Kindergartner put on the wrong school bus for her ride home
Kindergartner put on the wrong school bus for her ride home, Christine Dobbyn reports.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Nariah Jernigan just started kindergarten this week at KIPP PEACE Elementary School in southeast Houston.

"I've been excited," she said.

But somehow she ended up on the wrong bus. Her family claims it happened two days in a row and gave them quite a scare. Nariah said at school, "somebody helped me get on."

Her family said they waited for her to get off the bus at her scheduled stop which is near a church, not too far from their home. However, little Nariah never showed up.

"Where is she? With a wino, standing on the corner crying? What is this going to do for the rest of her school year?" her grandfather, Mark Jernigan asked.

The family told Eyewitness News they were frantic and went to the school looking for her, but found an administrator who gave them some disturbing news.

"She made the statement they may have put her on the wrong bus. That's no good for a worried parent or worried grandparent," Mark said.

A spokesperson for KIPP Academy sent the following statement to Eyewitness News:

"This afternoon at 4:45, a KIPP PEACE kindergarten student got on the wrong bus. The child's mother notified the school when her daughter did not arrive at her assigned bus stop. The child was quickly located riding on another bus safely. Mother and child were reunited at the school by 6:00. We regret the stress and inconvenience to the family and are grateful that they are home together tonight."

Nariah is now safe with her family.

"Sad, but when I (saw) my mama, I was happy," she said about the ordeal.

"She were so glad to see her. Her dad and mom, we were elated," Mark added.

The Jernigan's don't want this to happen again or to anyone else's child.

"Bus monitors, name tags, you just can't do this every day," suggested Mark.