Former Katy Tigers star Bronson McClelland wants to be back on football team after racist video

Thursday, November 19, 2020
Ex-Katy football star wants back on team after racist video
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After the video went viral in 2019, Bronson McClelland was let back on the team but later kicked off when a police canine found what they believed to be marijuana.

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- A former Katy High School football player is asking to be allowed back on the team yet again.

Bronson McClelland was disciplined a year ago for a video someone posted online showing him using the N-word at a Whataburger.

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"I'm not trying to justify my use of the word. I should not be using the word. I haven't used the word since then," Bronson said.

The school district released a statement at the time indicating Bronson sent that video of himself to an opposing team. His family says that's not true, and it was another student who posted the video.

After he apologized for using the word, Bronson got back on the team, but he was kicked off again in September. Just last month, a family representative confirmed to ABC13 that Bronson withdrew from the school to finish his primary education in California.

The family said a police canine found what officers believed to be marijuana is his car. The family then said it was a marijuana derivative such as CBD oil.

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The McClellands held a press conference Wednesday with spokesman Quanell X to show Bronson's support from his Black friends and teammates.

"I believe him and his family have no racist bones in their body," teammate Jaylen Phillips said.

The family said they believe the alleged drug incident is possible retaliation after their legal team demanded an apology and retraction from Katy for their initial statements regarding the "N-word" video.

"They had until Sept. 18, 2020 to retract the statement or we were pursuing litigation. This alleged incident happened Sept.17," Bronson's mother Angie said.

Katy ISD released a statement regarding the incident:

"It is always Katy ISD's goal to provide clear and accurate information about student and school concerns. It is apparent from your inquiry that there is either a misunderstanding based on inaccurate statements or misinformation given to you. In order for ABC13 to avoid publishing false information, Katy ISD would request that the McClellands' authorize the District to provide information regarding the student's discipline to correct the inaccurate information. Please advise the parents that a signed letter authorizing release to you would suffice."

Meanwhile, the McClellands are adamant they want an apology and for Bronson to be allowed back on the team.

"A school district doesn't have the reach to get involved in pop culture, banter or kids being kids," Angie said.

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