YouTuber uses her platform to empower women gamers, give back

SAN FRANCISCO -- Whether she's building a giant underwater Lego House or challenging her husband to a build off in Minecraft, YouTuber Brianna Arsement churns out viral hits while inspiring future gamers and giving back to the community.

As a registered nurse, she takes an altruistic approach to content creation.

"I've seen people who are ill and hurting in the hospital," said Brianna. "And so I try to keep that in the back of my mind, like what would make those people smile, what would be entertaining if I'm stuck in a hospital bed."

The gamer and philanthropist demonstrates her commitment to helping others through efforts with The Starlight Children's Foundation, Toys For Tots, and more.

Brianna continues to challenge perceptions of women in gaming, inspire young YouTubers, and impact change by creating positive and uplifting videos.

Keep up with all of Brianna's adventures on her YouTube accounts: Brianna and BriannaPlayz.