Mom of triplets thanks Delta flight attendants for moving her to first class to breast pump

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Friday, February 19, 2016
(ABC News/Jenna)
ABC News/Jenna

ATLANTA, GA -- An Atlanta mom of 5-month-old triplets who posted on Facebook a photo of herself breast pumping in order to thank flight attendants says she is "completely overwhelmed" by the response, ABC News reports.

The photo posted last week by Jenna, who asked that her last name not be used, has been liked more than 50,000 times and generated a conversation with hundreds of comments.

"Our children have to eat and we should never apologize for that," Jenna told ABC News by email of her need to pump on the flight. "This is an opportunity to recognize Delta's role in supporting the parent's decision-making and bringing a new reality to fruition."

Jenna, who has a two-year-old daughter in addition to her triplets, took a Delta flight from Atlanta to Dallas last week for a solo 24-hour visit with her grandfather.

Jenna, of Atlanta, Ga., posted a photo on Facebook thanking Delta flight attendants for moving her to a first-class seat while she breast pumped for her triplets.

The stay-at-home mom, who previously worked as a registered nurse, told ABC News that she asked the flight attendants if she could come to their preparation area to use a power source for her breast pump. She was astounded by their reply.

"They said they didn't actually have an outlet, but that I could sit in the empty first class seat and use that power source since it was more spacious than the coach seat where I was sitting the rest of my flight," she told ABC News.

Jenna, 31, took to Facebook to thank the two flight attendants, identified as Kaitlin K. and Loretta, by posting a photo of herself pumping and a caption thanking them for making her "role as momma much easier." Jenna noted the flight attendants also provided her with extra water and snacks while she pumped.

"I was unsure how the experience would be with pumping, which is why I was surprised at how accommodating everyone was," Jenna said. "Pumping is not as simple or discreet as putting a child to breast."

"As parents, we make decisions everyday to best care for our children, including how to feed them, be it through breastfeeding, pumping, or providing formula," she added. "This is about doing the right thing and allowing the customer to be a part of saying what the 'right thing' is and not just relying on company policy."

Jenna's post drew the attention of Delta, which asked her in the comments section to send her flight information so they could recognize the employees. A third flight attendant, on Jenna's return flight to Atlanta, also gave her a first class seat, which Jenna said she told Delta as well.

Delta has not responded to ABC News' request for comment.

"Initially, I was completely overwhelmed by the shares and responses to my post but have since embraced the opportunity to advocate for the parent," Jenna said. "If even one mother is more comfortable feeding her child because of my post, then it makes the overwhelming response worth it."