Kingwood boxing gym takes classes online

Many small businesses have chosen to close up due to COVID-19 concerns. But one martial arts facility in Kingwood is offering virtual classes to help those who can really benefit from getting up and moving.

Rock Steady Boxing offers workouts that help people manage symptoms of Parkinson's disease, a degenerative movement disorder. Although Rock Steady's gym may be closed, that won't stop two of its longtime teachers from reaching out to their clients. Renee and Jeff Battenberg are now teaching virtual classes.

"We have a motto, and that is, we train champions in all areas of life," said lead instructor Jeff Battenberg. "So, in order to be a champion, you have to overcome obstacles. This is just an obstacle, so we need to go through it, around it, under it, or over it."

Boxing can help people with Parkinson's improve their quality of life.

"I can definitely feel the difference," said one gym-goer. "And my neurologist backs that up."

The goal now is to keep all of Rock Steady Boxing's clients moving, even if they are stuck at home. Rock Steady Boxing says it will continue to offer online workouts for as long as it needs to.

For more information, visit Rock Steady Boxing's website.
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