These alternatives are cheaper than Botox but are they better?

The injection of muscle relaxers like Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the country.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of procedures performed last year is up 845% compared to the year 2000.

But Botox is just one of four FDA approved products on the market.

That includes one called Jeuveau. It is 20-30% cheaper than Botox, but experts say it's not necessarily better.

Patient Ashlee Menchaca says she likes Botox because there's no downtime and no pain. She's been using it for 10 years to prevent deep lines and wrinkles.

When the FDA signed off on Jeuveau, the latest wrinkle relaxer, earlier this year, she was willing to give it a try.

But the results had her scrunching her forehead.

"I found that I was still kind of moving after I had the Jeuveau, and I wasn't really happy with it," Menchaca said. "We actually tried to put a little more in about three weeks later and still was having quite a bit of movement."

Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Angela Sturm says many of her patients have experienced the same thing.

She told abc13 Jeuveau takes effect a few days faster than Botox but doesn't last as long.

"I had it and two months later, I have total movement again," Dr. Sturm said.

She says if price tag is a big selling point for you, you may want to consider Dysport. It's usually slightly cheaper than Botox, but it's just as effective at smoothing out creases.

"It's about three to four months as well. I actually have more people say that lasts longer by a few weeks to a month or so," Dr. Sturm said.

So when exactly should you consider Botox?

Dr. Sturm says the perfect time is when you notice lines don't go away after you stop making a facial expression.

These Botox-related products are for the top half of the face, around the eyes and around the forehead.

Doctors don't recommend you use them for the smile lines around your mouth.

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