It's back! Galveston's clear blue water is ready for the weekend

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Another Friday, another blue water weekend in Galveston? It looks like it could be true!

A photo taken by ABC13 viewer Kelsey Funkhouser shows the beautiful clear waves are back. Funkhouser told Chief Meteorologist Travis Herzog she was out surfing, and while the diminished waves might not make for a great ride, they're fun for fans of the clear water!

Several other viewers confirm it's the real deal, with many posting photos of their own on social media.

Travis says the current light winds are helping keep the water conditions clear, and should stay that way for a day or two. It might get a bit breezier on Sunday.

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A drone video from last summer showed the blue hues sparkling along the beaches.

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The clear water condition became the big draw of Galveston Island repeatedly from Memorial Day to July in summer 2018.

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