'Black Widow' director Cate Shortland brings Marvel extravaganza to life for fans

CHICAGO -- We're counting down to "Black Widow" which will debut in theaters and on Disney Plus Thursday!

Movie director Cate Shortland talks about bringing this Marvel extravaganza fans have been waiting for to life.

Hosea: "What is it like as a filmmaker to be in charge of all this and to make it all work?

Shortland: "When I approached it, I had to make sure that Scarlett didn't get lost in all that, so we always put Natasha at the center of everything and made sure that you're sort of still telling her story rather than getting lost in the spectacle.

What is beautiful about the film is the relationships, so I think we've got the beautiful spectacle and all the fun and the humor, but what we also have is a beautiful family drama.

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What's great about them is, they use humor to deflect the kind of patriarchy so there's this kind of idea of not letting things get you down, like keep powering through."

Hosea: "What do you hope that audiences will get from this, besides a lot of entertainment?"

Shortland: "I think, to give each other a break, we're all coming back together and I hope that when we do this time there's a little bit more appreciation for each other and just to take away the heart from it, and that she always sees the underdog and wants to help and I think that's a beautiful thing if we can all try a little bit harder to do that."

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