Hundreds lined up for COVID-19 testing at site sponsored by Beyonce

Sunday, May 10, 2020
Beyonce teamed up with United Memorial Medical Center to bring COVID-19 testing to minority communities
Thank you for always thinking of Houston, Beyonce!

HOUSTON, Texas -- Beyonce teamed up with Houston hospitals to provide free COVID-19 testing to some under-served communities.

Through her Beygood Foundation, Beyonce has made major donations to organizations bringing testing to minority communities.

On Saturday, about 530 cars were in line at the United Memorial Medical Center, according to law enforcement.

WATCH: Hundreds show up to testing site sponsored by Beyonce

Beyonce sponsors COVID-19 testing in minority communities.

Some people said they thought Beyonce would be at the event. She wasn't, but those who went through the line did get bags of household supplies, cleaning products and grocery store gift cards.

Local celebrity and Houston rapper, Paul Wall, was also part of the event, and said he had been tested on Friday.

"I want to tell all of my younger people out there who think this is a joke or a conspiracy, that this is not a joke and it's serious. And prevention is real," he said.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is also actively involved in getting more people tested and getting the federal government to provide more tests and supplies to medical personnel.

"We still haven't gotten to an acceptable level of testing and contact tracing," she said.

As part of the daily corononavirus update, Houston recorded four additional deaths, bringing the city's total to 94 people who've died from the virus. Twenty-three of those deaths have been in nursing homes.

Mayor Sylvester Turner, who helped in loading bags of giveaways into trunks at the event, said, he is especially concerned about Mother's Day, which brings families together at a time when social distancing is still emphasized.

"Masks have never been more important as businesses reopen," he said. "The one thing you don't want to give to your mother is the virus. So give her virtual hugs. If anything, you should take them roses or something. Take them a face mask as well."