PHOTOS: Mama bear crashes through porch to rescue cub

CORNWALL, CT (KTRK) -- It was the cutest home invasion ever -- until it wasn't. A family of bears jumped into a woman's Connecticut home's screened-in porch, but one bear got stuck inside. That's when mama bear came to the rescue, and it was all captured on camera.

The homeowner, Jenilyn Schweitzer, was snapping pictures when the scene went from adorable to scary.

Schweitzer recalled, "The mama cub came here and she started to climb up on the door and that's when I realized it wasn't cute anymore. ... She jumped, literally, through the screen door and in the meantime when the door was open a little baby cub came in and somehow the door closed behind him."

Schweitzer said the mother bear started "freaking out" in her efforts to rescue him.

But it all turned out all right, as Schweitzer explained: "Somehow the mom jumped up and back through the door and literally turned around and opened the door for the baby cub. Then they ran away."

It's unclear why the bear choose her house. Schweitzer says she didn't have any food or garbage out, but one thing she's keeping indoors is her kids.

Schweitzer told local station WFSB, "My children aren't into coming out here anymore. Parents, you can still have fun in the summer, but you definitely have to keep your eye out."
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